Self, Love & Sexuality Meditation

Learn to Unleash Your Inner Goddess

with Pamela Madsen

From Circle+Bloom

A four session series taking you on a journey inside your body to explore the true essence of your femininity. Get your mind out of the way, and begin to explore the transformational power of pleasure to feel freedom, confidence and love for yourself…just as you are.

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Pamela Madsen is the author of Shameless, How I Ditched the Diet, Got Naked, Found True Pleasure…and Somehow Got Home in Time to Cook Dinner. Passionate about helping women experience their own sexual awakening through love and acceptance of their bodies, Pamela is a sex educator seeking to expand awareness about the transformational power of pleasure and the enormous benefits of sexual health.

Do you ever approach the idea of love-making with dread, anxiousness or just plain indifference? This program is designed to improve feelings of self-acceptance, learn about how your body is programmed for sex, and why pleasure is not only healthful for you but can transform your life.

The first of it’s kind, this audio mind-body program is a unique combination of music and words that leads you through a journey of self-acceptance, helping you learn your sexual feminine nature and become accepting of your body as beautiful, elegant and uniquely you.

Benefits Include:

With kid gloves, Pamela’s program helped me to think about my body in a new and positive way. I can’t help now but to relax, unwind, and experience sexual pleasure in a mindful way that seems to be changing my entire approach to life. It’s not scary, or daunting, just safe and enjoyable. Thank you Pamela!
— Joanne

* Cure yourself from shame, fear and body confidence issues

* Learn relaxation techniques that quiet the mind and fire up nerve endings

* Improve body-image feelings and learn to have a great sense of your own sexual energy

* Learn the power of relaxation and visualization to improve sexual health

* Contains four unique sessions, that take you on a journey within

* Hear Pamela’s secret tips and suggestions to let your inner Goddess reign

* Buy risk-free: 100% money-back guarantee

Session 1: Relax and be Mindful

One of the the most common barriers to not having a healthy libido is not knowing how to relax completely and be in the present moment. A whole new world can open for us to explore when we learn how to relax and open ourselves to the breeze on your neck, the beat of your heart, or even the touch of a loved one.

Pamela teaches you how to relax your mind and body fully and completely and in a relaxed state to remain in the present moment. Through the experience, you can do this exercise whenever you wish to help not only in approaching a sexual encounter, but to help other aspects of your life through stress-reduction.

Session 2: Body Mapping

Learning your body from the outside in – your “four-layer-cake,” something amazing happens. A powerful mind-body connection opens where you become more in charge of your body, opening to pleasure through the simple act of awareness.

Did you know that pleasure starts in a small organ in the brain called the hypothalamus? The brain and body work together to create and intensify pleasurable feelings. Pamela shows you how become much more intimate with your sexual self, and change your perception of your body.

Session 3: Pleasure Exercise

No, this isn’t masturbation! It’s better. Again, using our mind-body connection and working with our muscles, we have the ability to heat up our own desire. Pamela leads us through an enjoyable and easy to do exercises that allow you to amp up your own pleasure with your breath and muscle contractions – a skill you can take anywhere!

Session 4: How to Become Shameless

This is your homework. Thoughtful and creative suggestions to get you started on your journey toward becoming shameless, Pamela shares her secret tips and tricks. Now is YOUR time to experience your body on a whole new level.