Showing Up For Your Relationship

Many couples are lost when it comes to turning on their erotic lives after the first blush of romance fades. Years into a relationship couples yawn or worse turn away from their partner’s advances. More and more people are waking up to the fact that there’s something they can do about it. They actively want to become better lovers and partners. They want to understand the "Erotic Equation" and rekindle the erotic fire in their relationship.  As one client said, “It’s simple, I want my partner back.” They just don’t know how.

Pamela, it is your walking your talk, your vulnerability and your loving heart that make this work for me, that creates this safe space. THANK YOU!!! And thank you for encouraging me to show up!
— Becky

This program gives you the lowdown on re-igniting each others desire. I’ll teach you about a whole new approach to sexuality, one that might surprise you. You’ll learn about the importance of taking the emphasis away from orgasm for a little while and exploring the healing power of one-way touch. I’ll introduce you to something I call the “organic orgasm.” I’ll teach you how to make sex fun, playful and a little dangerous again for both of you.

You’ll learn how to talk to your partner about sex and discover what it is they truly desires.  You will learn different ways to touch each other and learn the importance of relationship agreements.

I’ll be your relationship consultant, available to review what worked, what didn’t and what other techniques and tools to try.

I am a certified somatic sex educator who has spent the last decade years figuring out what makes couple's tick. Whether we work via Skype or a private couple's retreat, I’ll teach you everything you need to know to flip that switch. And it’s not the obvious. I work with all kinds of couples. I am Straight, LGBTQ, Kinky, Vanilla and Gender Fluid safe.

I am also available to help couples re-frame and look at different relationships models such a living a life of monogamy, polyamory, open or swinging life styles.

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We will have fun together! Coaching is usually done on the phone or through video Skype. Private retreats are available either with me alone, or coupled with another male sex educator. Please email me and we will set up a time to have a free 15 minute conversation to see if we are a match! I try very hard to set up a consultation within days of your request. So reach out to or using the contact form below and we can get started

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