Sexuality For Women:
“I want what she’s having!”

Maybe you’ve read my memoir Shameless, and you literally want what I was having. But you have no clue how to go about getting it. Or maybe a girlfriend told you about me, or you stumbled over me in a media appearance. It really doesn't matter. You found me.  And if you want to take that voyage to become a "Woman in Full", I will hold your hand every step of the way. You really don’t want to do this alone!

In our one-on-one sessions, I’ll help you explore your range of issues that affect your sexuality and help you find the solutions that work best for you. Anything and everything can be on the table: weight and self-image; depression, anxiety, midlife crises; low libido; exploring kink, sexual boredom; sexual trauma; menopause-related sexuality changes; living single ;Living monogamous, sexual restlessness, orgasm, sexual curiosity, sexual fallout from infertility or other diseases or disabilities. Whatever is stopping you from accessing your erotic core to it’s fullest potential – that’s what we’ll tackle.

I’ll also provide you with a rich vein of resources. These include but certainly aren’t limited to:

I thought it could never happen. Thank you Pamela.
— Laurie
  • Understanding Somatic Sex Education
  • Private and Group Workshops and Retreats
  • Books and videos that inform, inspire and excite
  • Access to the online gated Shameless community where there’s a community of seekers like you; a curated and developing library of educational videos by me and a handpicked team of sex educators and “sexperts.”

I’ll educate you about the different ways of looking at sex and desire that you may never have imagined but will open your eyes and heart. Whether it’s “organic orgasms, understanding the "Erotic Equation” or Bibliotherapy, you’ll leave each session with new tools to liberate your Erotic Creature. What's your "Erotic Creature"? Don't worry. We'll find her too!

It's time to check back into our bodies. So many of us often disassociate from our bodies so we don't go crazy in the lives that we are living. The problem with checking out so thoroughly is that it can leave us feeling dead inside, with little or no ability to feel our feelings in our bodies. The process of repair demands a re-association with the body, a commitment to dive into the body and feel today what we couldn’t feel yesterday because it was too dangerous. Isn't it time to do something different?

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